TAKING THE 2nd STEP FORWARD: Using The Internet Without Frustration

Once you have determined your Purpose  you can use it for a guide in  selecting your Intention.

When it comes to the internet, our Purpose may be to expand our ability to connect, our Intention has to do with “how” we make those expanded connections.  Or if your purpose is to send a specific message out into the world your Intention can be who you want to reach, or the quality of that message. And so it goes.  Just as with determining your Purpose, Intentions can change, shift, be fulfilled or just re evaluated.


Intention can be defined as a course of action that a person intends to follow or similarly, the goal or purpose behind a specific action or set of actions. Whichever one you prefer, intention always includes actions.  Purpose is more of a vision and Intention is the actions or quality of actions you will take to get to that purpose.

Author Lynn McTaggart asked that question and began a series of scientific experiments to answer it. She has been overseeing a range of intention experiments on the web – as well as a peace intention project that harnessed the intentions of thousands of participants on the troubled island of Sri Lanka, which has been devastated by civil war for nearly 30 years.

Your ability to intend may not expand that far into the world, but there is good evidence that what we intend happens and there is more scientific proof for that every day.  Not only does intention seem to help with change but it can also have a positive effect on the intender.

Participants in the peace experiments Lynn McTaggart conducted found their relationships with others changed for the better.  When they held a positive intention for strangers, their own relationships primarily between parents, children, in-laws and siblings showed changes as well.  Apparently it helped them to feel more love in general even if they did not know the recipients in Sri Lanka.

Another better known author, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, has explored this topic extensively in his book The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way. He presents a view of Intention as an energy to be directed rather than a kind of determination propelling us to succeed at all costs by never giving up on an inner picture.

Whichever way you think about intention, it is an important step in getting what you want.  So, if you have defined your purpose for using the internet, it is time to create an intention around that. Then you can  focus or direct your intention in whatever way you want.  I know that my intention in using Facebook has always been to have substantive conversations with others. For me, when I open my mouth (or keyboard) I hold that as an intention.  It’s amazing how much substance actually comes out as I write.

But, my intention goes two ways.  I become more substantive in my conversations on the internet and off, AND, I don’t engage as much with those who are not having substantive conversations. My big exception of course is family contact which can be both substantive and simply informative.  You can do the same.


Try one out and see if you receive the result you want.  If not, try another intention until you do.  Let me know how it goes and if you need any help either in setting your intention, knowing a purpose or just general how to questions—Please contact me on my fan page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lifesthirdtrimester.



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  3. Michelle

    My original intention was never to be on Facebook. Well, that certainly changed. I have been on FB almost 6 months now and I am starting to see the power of it through connecting to other like minded people I otherwise would not be able to connect with due to their location. I still have lots to learn though. Sandy, a great post.

    • Not sure if I replied earlier to this Michelle, if not, sorry. Six months on Facebook is a relatively short time. You will have much to offer those who are just beginning to see it’s value and I hope I can draw on your experience when the time comes. The “lots to learn” is just as easy as setting the intention to have it come into your life. Let me know what else you want to learn and why and I bet it will make a difference to put it out there that way.

  4. I like this post with evidence of the power of intention!

    • me too Leigh! I think there will be more and more evidence for those who are not experiencing it yet. Then much energy can be used for good with all of us intending together!

  5. Like you I had the intention to have more presence on Facebook and also Twitter. Twitter was pretty new to me but it really did not take long for me to get the results I wanted. Now to a new intention. Great post, thanks!

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